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Ambulatory Application
   The Molecular Quantic Resonance generator Vesalius LX 80 has been developed for out-patient applications. Vesalius LX 80 works both in Monopolar output and it and can be used for delicate and fine operations, where a limited power is anyway required.
   Its very best applications are in fact in the ambulatories and in the specialties of Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Gynaecology and Dental.
   The TIMED version can be also used for special applications where the power has to be on for a specific limited period. The timer can select the output power from 1/100 sec. to 1 sec.


Neuro Surgery
   The Molecular Quantic Resonance generator Vesalius N1 has been developed for very delicate applications where the coagulation function is mainly required.
Vesalius N1 works only in Bipolar output.
The surgery where this model finds its best application is Neurosurgery.
The Vesalius N1 works with Microcut, but most important, a very precise microcoagulation, totally avoiding the “stick” effect on the tips of the forceps even without the use of the fisiological solution.
The excellent setting of the output power always allows to have the best effect on the tissue.Both the Cut function and especially the Coagulation function works only on the tissue between the tips of the forceps and do not damage the surrounding tissue.

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