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Molecular Resonance Generator

     The Quantic Molecular Resonance technology is a new concept of operating which has been given to surgeons lately.The Combination of different frequencies (between 4 and 16 MHz) gives a unique effect to the tissue breaking the bonds of the moleculas, meaning, giving the CUT effect to the tissue inter¬ested.
      The COAGULATION is achieved slightly changing the frequen¬cies used during the CUT functions. These new frequencies are purposly making the vibration of the molecula’s bonds.
       The tem¬perature inside the cells will increase and the coagulatíon of the tissue interested will be obtained.
Quantum is also equipped with impedance feedback giving an acoustic alarm when the tissue is coagulated.

Quantum Advantages

        • Very low temperature of coagulation (65°C) ,
        • Easy and fast to use
        • No irrigation or salin solution required
        • Better healing of the tissue
        • Faster recovery
        • Minimal pain to the patient
        • Bípolar and monopolar output
        • Impedance feedback

What Can The Molecular Resonance Generator Quantum Do

        • Bipolar turbinate reduction
        • Bipolar Uvolopalatoplasty reduction and monopolar cut
        • Bipolar tongue base reduction
        • Bipolar tonsillectomy ,
        • Bipolar tonsil reduction






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